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Sparrows Cut Away Lock Spool Pins


5 Pin Spool Lock

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Brand: Sparrows


Sparrows Cut Away Lock Spool Pins

Learn to Lock Pick with Sparrows Cut Away Spool Lock. The practice cylinder will help you to learn and improve your lock picking skills. With the ability to see the internal working of the lock you gain the benefit of seeing how different picks can manipulate each pin.

Featuring a barrel key with a Schlage Keyway, this Five Pin Spool version is perfect for learning how to Pick more advanced Locks. These High Security Pins are designed to bind and give what is called false set. False set will give to the feed back of having properly lifted the pin to the sheer line when in fact it has not been properly set. With a Cut Away Spool Pin Lock you will be able to see and feel false set and learn how to apply it in the field.

Available in Left and Right handed options – This determines what side the lock window is cut on.


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