Bump Tools

Here at Pick My Lock we stock a comprehensive range of top quality bump tools.

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From bump keys, bump hammers to o-rings, we have you covered.

Bumping is a technique for opening pin-tumbler locks using specially crafted keys. Bumping locks has rose to popularity due to the ease of use and fast access that they provide.

From our own Bump Keys, crafted specifically with Australian Locks in mind, they boast a range of the most commonly found pin-tumbler keys. Right through to Sparrows, while most commonly found throughout America and Canada they are ideal for practice locks.

As always here at Pick My Lock, we strive to bring you the best bump tools with exceptional service, great prices and free postage,

Cannot find the product you are after? Just get in contact with us and we will do our best to help you out.

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  • Brockhage Bump Hammer Flex PlusBrockhage Bump Hammer Flex PlusQuick View
  • Brockhage Bump Hammer Standard FlexBrockhage Bump Hammer Standard FlexQuick View
  • Gainsborough TE2 5 Pin Bump KeyQuick View
  • Lockwood LW4 5 Pin Bump KeyQuick View
  • Lockwood LW4R 5 Pin Bump KeyQuick View
  • Lockwood LW5 6 Pin Bump KeyQuick View
  • Pick My Lock Australian Bump Key SetPick My Lock Australian Bump Key SetQuick View
  • Pick My Lock Rubber Bump Key DampersQuick View
  • Sparrows Bump HammerQuick View
  • Sparrows Bump Key WashersQuick View
  • Sparrows Bump KeysQuick View
  • Sparrows Motel KeysQuick View
  • Sparrows Super Bump Key SetSparrows Super Bump Key SetQuick View
  • Yale Y1 5 Pin Bump KeyQuick View