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Sparrows Challenge Vault


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Practice safe cracking

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Sparrows Challenge Vault

This is more than a puzzle box … This is safe cracking!

Get ready to learn a new skill with this challenge. The Vault is a professional three wheel lock and safe dial that is mounted onto a desk top presentation case. Spin the dial, listen and feel the clicks of the wheels as you manipulate the Vault open. Once completed for the first time the vault will open to reveal a collection of tools and parts that will allow you to alter the safe into a progressively harder challenge. It also includes a special key for changing the combination. The Vault is much more than a onetime puzzle.



Q: Is this a fire proof safe that I can keep valuable documents in?
A: No. It’s a challenge not a fire/theft rated safe.

Q: What if I can’t get it open?
A: It does come with the combination in an envelope so if needed you can peek.

Q: My brother changed the combination and I can’t get the damn thing open.
A: If needed you can push out the hinge pin to open the case.

Q: Once open, can I keep things inside it … like a lighter and grinder?
A: It’s pretty full inside already with the wheel pack and tools.

Q: At the hardest setting is it hard like a real safe?
A: Yes and it is a real safe dial.



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