Lock Pick Guns

Lock Pick Guns

At Pick My Lock we stock a comprehensive range of top quality Lock Pick Guns, both manual and electric.

Lock Picking Guns also known as Snap Guns (due to the motion of the picks hitting the pins) are a convenient, fast and  effective way to pick a lock.

Lock Picking Guns work by using a needle which flicks at the pins. Begin by inserting a Tension Tool so when the pins are flicked above the shearline they will stay there. Once all the pins have been ‘held’ above the shearline, the lock opens.

Manual Pick Guns require you to pull the trigger, causing the needle to flick, whereas an Electric Pick Guns will flick hundreds of times with one pull of the trigger.

Each product contains detailed descriptions to help you find the perfect Pick Gun to suit your needs.

Our extensive range is sourced from the most reputable Lock Pick manufactures from around the globe, including: Sparrows, Brockhage, Multipick plus more.

As always here at Pick My Lock, we strive to bring the you the very best Lock Pick Guns with exceptional service, great prices and FREE POSTAGE!

Cannot find the product you are after? Just get in contact with us and we will do our best to help you out.

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