Lock Jockey Flip Latch Bypass Tool


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Lock Jockey Flip Latch Bypass Tool

The Lock Jockey Flip Latch Bypass Tool is a tool uniquely designed to bypass the secondary “flip” style latches commonly found on hotel and motel room doors. Without the availability of a tool like the Lock Jockey, security personnel and staff at hotels, motels, resorts, cruise ships, apartment complexes etc. are often forced to damage the very properties at which they work. Oftentimes circumstances such as a welfare check on a guest, a non-response on an overstay, illicit activity and other emergency situations require management to gain access to rooms immediately. While most properties are able to unlock the primary lock with a second key-card, a spare room key, or a master key, the secondary flip-latch devices can cause problems.

Until recently, property staff had no choice but to force entry into a room in which the secondary latch was thrown. This potentially caused hundreds of dollars in damage by destroying doors, door frames, walls, and the like. However, with the invent of the Lock Jockey, this kind of needless damage is no longer unavoidable. The Lock Jockey safely unlatches secondary room flip latches common to hotels and motels without causing any damage to the door, walls, or door frame! Costly repair bills as well as down-time on rooms can be completely avoided.


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