Bypass Tools

Here at Pick My Lock we stock a comprehensive range of top quality lock picking bypass tools.

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Warded keys, coffin keys, shims, jims and more – we have you covered with an extensive range of quality lock picking bypass tools. Each product contains detailed description to help you find the perfect set to suit your needs.

As always here at Pick My Lock, we strive to bring you the best bypass tools with exceptional service, great prices and free postage!

Cannot find the product you are after? Just get in contact with us and we will do our best to help you out.

  • Alpha Picks Commercial Door Thumb Turn Opening ToolQuick View
  • Alpha Picks Under The Door ToolQuick View
  • Brockhage Lock Door Jam Shim SystemBrockhage Lock Door Jam Shim SystemQuick View
  • Lock Jockey Flip Latch Bypass ToolQuick View
  • SouthOrd Padlock ShimsQuick View
  • SouthOrd Pin Tumbler Lock Jiggler SetQuick View
  • SouthOrd Shovit ToolQuick View
  • Sparrows Abus Padlock ByPass DriverQuick View
  • Sparrows Adam Rite Bypass DriverQuick View
  • Sparrows Chaos CardQuick View
  • Sparrows Chaos Card: Wary EditionQuick View
  • Sparrows Coffin KeysQuick View
  • Sparrows Comb .45Quick View
  • Sparrows Comb BarQuick View
  • Sparrows Core ShimsSparrows Core ShimsQuick View
  • Sparrows Euro DriversQuick View
  • Sparrows Flex PassQuick View
  • Sparrows Hall PassQuick View
  • Sparrows Hand Cuff ShimsQuick View
  • Sparrows Master SwitchQuick View
  • Sparrows Mini JimQuick View
  • Sparrows Molle JimQuick View
  • Sparrows Motel KeysQuick View
  • Sparrows Padlock Bypass DriverQuick View