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HPC Renegade Stainless Steel Pick Set


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13 piece set

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Product Description

HPC Renegade Stainless Steel Pick Set

The HPC Renegade Pick Set consists of 13 stainless steel tools – for those looking for some adventure!

9 picks and 4 extractors with Copper Handles which have been designed to outperform all other tools on the market) plus 3 tension tools.

Thin, flexible, and strong, the design of the tools permits easier access into the most restrictive keyways.

The picks and extractors are made of high-grade stainless steel, offering optimum feel within the lock. Packed in a rugged Brown Leather Case.


  •  9 Picks, 3 Tension Tools, and 4 Extractors
  • Hardened Stainless Steel Picks and Extractors
  • Tempered Spring Steel Tension Tools


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