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Sparrows The Classic Set


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Lock Pick Set

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The Sparrows Classic set offers the very best in entry tools. This set includes two Sparrows bypass drivers, six picks with handles and six tension wrenches of varying widths. With the Adams Rite Bypass driver and the Padlock Bypass driver your tool kit you will have two of the most effective and commonly used bypass tools. This selection of picks will cover a very large selection of North American and European locks. These picks have a smooth finish and offer exceptional feed back through the handle. The Classic Set also includes the Competitor Case that will hold all of these tools and converts into a work station. This is a professional set and case made from the very best of materials.

1 x Standard Short Hook
1 x Shallow Euro Hook
1 x Steep Hook
1 x High Reach Hook
1 x Triple Rake
1 x City Rake
1 x Padlock Bypass Driver
1 x Adams Rite Bypass Driver
1 x Comp Case

*No Fillers or Doubles



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