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Sparrows Black Flag Dimple Picks


For High Security Lock Picking

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Brand: Sparrows


Sparrows Black Flag Dimple Picks

The Sparrows Black Flag Set consists of seven dimple picks and ten wrenches all designed for attacking dimple locks. Dimple locks are very different than your standard pin tumbler lock and for that reason, you do need a specific set of picks to open them. The tips have been formed to cover the majority of dimple locks that you will find in the field. Curved tips, Offset tips, Small Flags and pointer are all in this set.

The handle has a solid steel core that is wrapped in a high durometer Geometric rubber. The Geometric shape helps with grip and gives a consistent reference to tip location and position. This can be critical when picking dimple locks as it can be easy to lose the position of the tip when it’s in the lock. Another important design feature is the rounded shaft from the handle to the tip. This has been filed round by hand. When you pick dimple locks you need to sit the pick on the top of your tension bar. If the shaft has not been rounded the pick will not rotate precisely it will lift and drop as you rotate from one straight edge to another.

Sparrows wishes to thank the” Lock Picking Lawyer” for his guidance in developing this set of Dimple Picks. Classy and Professional.


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