Brockhage Bump Hammer Flex Plus


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Flex Plus Bump Hammer

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This has to be one of the best Bump Hammers available worldwide. The Brockhage Bump Hammers have several features which set them apart from the other bump hammers on the market today. We have taken the best features of the bump key hammers previously available and currently available and added several improvements.

1) Each BROCKHAGE Bump Hammer is designed to be the exact correct weight to allow you have the most success bumping most any lock.

2) There are no weights to mess with. This bump key hammer will bump most any lock with our adjustment.

3) The bump head is round which allows you to spare your fingers from injury if you miss, (which is common). We found that square head models can be very painful and even remove skin from your fingers if you do miss.

4) Our Hammers are manufactured by BROCKHAGE, which we stand behind.


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