Brockhage BPG-15 Downward Lock Pick Gun


Looking for an easy way to open locks? The Brockhage Pick Gun is your solution! This pick gun is the perfect tool for picking locks quickly and easily. With its lightweight design, the Brockhage Pick Gun is easy to handle and maneuver, making it perfect for both beginner and experienced users alike.

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Brockhage BPG-15 Downward Lock Pick Gun

Experience precision craftsmanship with the Brockhage BPG-15 Downward Lock Pick Gun. Renowned for its performance, this pick gun is ideal for European locks, thanks to its downward picking mechanism.

Capable of opening most pin tumbler locks, the BPG-15 works swiftly, ranging from 2 seconds to a few minutes. While beginners may require some practice, proficiency improves with time.

The BPG-15 is particularly effective against European profile cylinders and more intricate locks with limited space. Its spring-loaded pin effortlessly pushes up the pins, allowing the plug to rotate and the lock to open.

Unlock efficiency with the Brockhage BPG-15 Downward Lock Pick Gun – an invaluable tool that saves time on the job.



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