Pick My Lock's - Lock Picking Starter Kit Deluxe

Pick My Lock’s – Lock Picking Starter Kit Deluxe


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The ultimate kit to begin your Lock Picking hobby.

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Product Description

Lock Picking Starter Kit Deluxe

Our Lock Picking Starter Kit Deluxe is the ultimate COMPLETE KIT.

This set has everything you need to begin Lock Picking. This set comes complete with 1x Lock Picking Manual, 1x Clear Acrylic Lock, 1x Lock Pick Gun, 7x Lock Picks, 3x Tension Wrenches, 1x Broken Key Extractor and 1x Leather Case. The Lock Picks are made of stainless steel and come with reinforced handles.

Step 1:

Start by learning the basics with the 24-page manual. “Easy Pickings: A self-Teaching Manual to the Technique of Lock Picking” by Charles Edward II Remington. Fully illustrated, easy-to-understand lock picking manual that covers the basic types of locks as well as an overview of different lock picking methods. The author also explains a wide variety of tools and other picking devices, making this a sensible manual for beginner lock pickers.

Step 2:

Then apply your newly learnt knowledge and get to work practicing on your Clear Practice Lock with your new Lock Pick Kit. Remember Lock Picking takes lots of  patients if you are not getting any feedback from the Pick that you are using, try a different Pick and Method.

Step 3:

Once you have practiced with your Lock Picks and understand the basic principles of  Lock Picking you can get to work practicing with your Lock Picking Gun. They often take a little getting use too, while they can open locks in as quick as 2 seconds, sometimes they can take several minutes. As you progress and your skills improve, as will your timing.


1 x Lock Picking Manual
1 x Clear Practice Lock
1x Lock Pick Gun
1x SP-03 Long Double-Ended Pick
1x SP-04 Double Ball Pick
1x SP-07 Small Diamond Pick
1x SP-11 S-Rake Pick
1x SP-13 Broken Key Extractor
1x MP-04 Small Diamond Pick w/ Stainless Steel Handles
1x MP-07 Short Hook Pick w/ Stainless Steel Handles
1x MP-09 C-Rake Pick w/ Stainless Steel Handles
1x TW-01 Standard Tension Tool
1x TW-02 Short Twist-Flex Tension Tool
1x TW-11 Thin-Line Tension Tool
1x Snapover Leather Case



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