Sparrows Palmer Wicked Waves Lock Picks – .025


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Sparrows Palmer Wicked Waves Lock Picks – .025

The Sparrows Palmer Wicked Waves Lock Picks is a precision-engineered four-piece collection, designed to deliver the most accurate raking waves for a broad range of locks. Made from .025 steel, this set includes both Cycloid and Sinusoid patterns, developed by Christina Palmer and fellow lock picking enthusiasts. The Cycloid rakes feature sharp peaks akin to a triple peak rake, while the Sinusoid rakes resemble a worm rake with softer, more curved peaks. Available in two size variations (Quad and Quint) to accommodate different keyways.

Key Features:

  • Computer-Generated Precision: Ensures accurate raking waves for optimal performance.
  • Cycloid and Sinusoid Patterns: Covers popular lock picking patterns.
  • Material and Variations: Made from .025 steel, available with or without thermal coated handle, and in .020 and .015 thickness options.


  • Cycloid rakes (sharp peaks) for aggressive raking.
  • Sinusoid rakes (curved peaks) for a gentler approach.

Unlock a wider selection of locks with the Sparrows Palmer Wicked Waves, designed for both professional locksmiths and enthusiasts.

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