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Sparrows Hand Cuff Shims


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Hand Cuff Bypass Tool

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Product Description

Sparrows Hand Cuff Shims

Handcuff shims can open handcuffs by separating the ratcheting mechanism from the lock body and a handcuff’s swing arm.

Some Handcuff models like the Tri-Max have a split ratchet with a gate in the centerline.
That gate blocks standard shims and a split shim is required to bypass it.
Sparrows handcuff shims come with a unique citadel head that offers such extreme grip that the shims can be operated with a single finger.
Even with sweaty hands the citadel head prevents your fingers from slipping off the shim.

These Shims will work on: Smith & Wesson, Peerless, Safariland and countless others.

This is for 4 Handcuff Shims
2 x Standard
2 x Split


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