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Peterson Phoenix Ultimate GSP Pick Set


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Phoenix ULTIMATE in Government Steel.

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Product Description

Peterson Phoenix Ultimate GSP Pick Set

Peterson’s new Phoenix Ultimate has now made room for the DCAP-3, in good company with the Pry-bar and Pry-bar Lite tension tools and the Peterson Knife Tool for opening padlocks for good measure.

What makes Peterson’s GSP so good?
This is a GSP Plastic Handle (Government Steel Plastic) product. The hard fiber filled handles readily transmit every vibration from your picking and the pick’s light weight makes it extremely agile and responsive.

Peterson Government steel is a legend in itself: Proprietary steel is high tensile, but at the same time it is ductile instead of brittle. The textured handles ensure your grip is secure.


DP-GSP Diamond Pick
DR-GSP Double Rake
H1-GSP Hook 1
HZ-GSP Hook 2
H3-GSP Hook 3
H4-GSP Hook 4
HS-GSP Hook 5
HD-GSP Hooked Diamond
LR-GSP Long Ripple
PG-GSP Peterson Gem
PR-GSP Peterson Reach
TR-GSP Triple Rake
MR1-GSP Mini Ripple 1
MR2-GSP Mini Ripple 2
MR 3-GSP Mini Ripple 3
DP -DC Diamond – DCAP
DR -DC Double Rake: DCAP
DP-SS Diamond Pick – Stainless 0.015 Slender
Hl -DC Hook 1- DCAP – Gov Steel
DR-SS Double Rake – Stainless 0.015 Slender
H1 -SS Hook 1- Stainless 0.015 Slender
LR-SS Long Ripple – Stainless 0.015 Slender
PG -SS Peterson Gem – Stainless 0.015 Slender
H7 -SS Hook 7 – Stainless 0.015 Slender
PR -SS Peterson Reach – Stainless 0.015 Slender

EXT-MS-GSP Mini Saw Extractor, GSP
P-KNIFE-GSP Peterson Knife GSP
HQSE-MOLDED-ASY Spiral Extractor Wire – Molded Assy

Tension Tools:

FLAT -5-A- TYPES Flat 5 A Finished Blank Type 5 .028
FLAT -5-B TYPE1 Flat 5 B Finished Blank Type 1 N028
FLAT -5-C TYPE2 Flat 5 C Finished Blank Type 2 N015
FLAT -5-D TYPE3 Flat 5 D Finished Blank Type 3 W028
FLAT -5-E TYPE4 Flat SE Finished Blank Type 4 W015
STT-A STT-Tool A – Narrow
SIT -B SIT -Tool B – Wide
PPB Peterson Pry Bar- .050 Thick
PPB-LT Peterson Pry Bar Lite – .040 Thick

Peterson Leather Tri-Fold Case



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