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Brockhage Complete Car Door Wedge and Probe Kit


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Car door air wedge and probe kit

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Brockhage Complete Car Door Wedge and Probe Kit

Brockhage Car Door Stiff Air Wedge and the Probe and Prod Kit

The Brockhage Stiff Wedge has a hard Stiff Plastic insert inside the wedge! This makes the wedge a breeze to insert in door. The wedge also has a new rough exterior to help prevent slippage. Unlike the other air wedges on the market our Brockhage air wedge does not leak!

Air Wedges are used between a car door and the door frame. This wedge allows the user to create a space between the door and frame so a probe can be used to unlock the door via the interior unlock button or lever. The tool is also commonly used as a spacer when installing interior doors.

The Probe system is perfect for door wedges. Used in conjunction with a wedge this system probably makes the best, most universal car opening system around.


  • Stiff Air Wedge
  • Long Reach Tool  (This tool has 3 sections.  When all the sections are connected together the total length is 76″ or 152cm).
  •  A Thick 33.5″ Reach Tool
  •  A Grab Claw Tool
  •  Tough Nylon Case w/side pocket


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