Pick My Lock’s – Lock Picking Starter Kit Plus

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This kit contains everything you need to start your lock picking journey.


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Lock Picking Starter Kit Plus

Our Lock Picking Starter Kit Plus is by far the BEST selling kit we offer. It contains everything you need to begin your Lock Picking hobby.


1 x Lock picking manual
1 x Clear practice pock of your choice
1x MP-04 Small Diamond Pick
1x MP-06 Single Ball Pick
1x MP-07 Short Hook Pick
1x MP-09 C-Rake Pick
1x MP-11 L-Rake Pick
1x SP-13 Broken Key Extractor
1x TW-01 Standard Tension Tool
1x TW-02 Short Twist-Flex Tension
1x Snapover Leather Case

The Lock Picks are made of stainless steel and come with reinforced handles.

First, begin read through and learn the the basic principles with the 24-page manual. “Easy Pickings: A self-Teaching Manual to the Technique of Lock Picking” by Charles Edward II Remington. Fully illustrated, easy-to-understand lock picking manual that covers the basic types of locks as well as an overview of different lock picking methods. The author also explains a wide variety of tools and other picking devices, making this a sensible manual for beginner lock pickers.

Then apply your newly learnt knowledge and get to work practicing on your Clear Practice Lock with your new Kit.

Remember Lock Picking takes a great deal of  patients, if you are not getting any feedback from the Lock Pick that you are using, try a different Lock Pick and Method.


Additional information

Lock Choice

Padlock, Cylinder Lock



2 reviews for Pick My Lock’s – Lock Picking Starter Kit Plus

  1. Kirsten Fritze (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping. Was picking my own house open within two hours.

  2. Steven Pam (verified owner)

    This seems like an OK way to get started. I had the practice lock open (looking through the sides) without reading the instructions in about five minutes. The second time it took about 30 seconds. I was then able to pick it blindy almost as easily. So while perhaps the lock is a bit on the easy side, it does build confidence before moving onto “real” locks. I don’t know enough about tools yet to say much about the tool kit, but my first impression when moving onto some locks I had around the house, is that I could do with some smaller tension tools (and maybe smaller picks, too). On some locks, there is no room to get into the keyway once the tension tool is in.
    As for the book – I have only glanced at it. It was probably very useful when it was written in 1992, but nowadays we have YouTube, where there are many helpful tutorials on every aspect of lock picking.

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