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Peterson Serrated Tension Tools


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3 piece tension tool set

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Peterson Serrated Tension Tools

This Peterson Serrated Tension Tool set is the perfect example of tools you will never want to be without! These three tools provide the firm option to the ‘ Flat Five Serrated Tension Tool Set’.

Speaking from experience, nothing is as frustrating when picking a difficult lock than to have your tension wrench pop out or slip out of the keyway just as that last pin stack was about to surrender. It’s happened so many times, and the reason is that tension wrenches are kind of wimpy and they just sit there in the keyway relying on you to keep them in check.

Peterson gives us the cure. Here is a set of 3 tension wrenches that really have bite. They are less likely to get away from you once you have them in place. Three tools with varying widths to accommodate just about any width of keyway. One of the three wrenches is double-ended.

Don’t fight your tension wrenches any more. Invest in at least one set of these miracle tools.


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