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HPC Hands Free Tension Tool Kit


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Hands Free Tension Tool Kit

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HPC Hands Free Tension Tool Kit

This Kit takes the difficulty out of picking! No need to fumble with the tension. Simply slip the Hands-Free Tension Tool into your cylinder keyway (vertical or horizontal), slide and set the weight to adjust the amount of tension, and then let go! All that’s left is raking the pins! The Hands-Free Tension Tool Kit comes complete with a Hands-Free Tension Tool and a matching 2-sided Rake/Diamond. The Tension and Picking Tools clip together with a specially designed holder. Difficult locks will become easier to pick, and simple locks will pick quicker with ease.



1x Hands-Free Tension Tool (.025)
1x 2-Sided Rake/Diamond (.022)
1x  Specially Designed Holder



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