I’m new to this, which Lockpick set should I buy as a beginner?

Have you ever been locked out of your and had to call out a Locksmith, only for them to come and open your door in a few short minutes? You may at one point have thought to yourself ‘why spend so much money for someone to come around and do something that looks easy?’… Well you’re

right, it is easy but as with everything practice makes perfect and compared to other hobbies it’s very cheap and rewarding.

As a new beginner into this exciting world of Lockpicking, you don’t need to outlay too much money. Pick My Lock recommends that beginners purchase our Kickstarter Plus Kit

This pack is our #1 Seller to beginners and has everything you need to get the job done. As you get the feel for Lockpicking and want to start tackling some more challenging locks, you can always expand your sets.