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Are my details safe?

Yes, we do not store any of your financial details.


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What are Pick Guns?

Pick guns are designed to be used to gain entry to your household locks within a matter of seconds with little understanding of how a lock works as you would if you were to hand pick.

Can I pick car doors?

Yes, however only on older car models. Car locks work a bit differently to other locks you would find around your home, however a normal Lockpick set will get the job done. With newer cars, they contain higher security locks and require specific tools that relate to that make and model. As always, use common sense and only pick what you own or have permission for.

What is the quality like?

As with everything, you pay for what you get! All of our Lockpicking tools are genuine and from reputable manufacturers and are designed and made in both Canada and America.


Buying and possessing Lock Pickings Tools within Australia is completely LEGAL. However, it may be illegal to possess and use Lock Picking Tools in certain situations. For example: If you are caught roaming the streets late at night with Lock Picking Tools and a balaclava, you could be found with the intent to commit a crime. To ensure you are always on the right side of the law,  make sure you are only using Lock Picking Tools on your own property or with permission from the owner. Another important thing to remember is: it is illegal to charge for Locksmith Services without relevant licences. Be sensible and you should not have any problems. Pick My Lock advises you refer to your states relevant laws for further clarification on possession of Lock Picking Tools .

I’m new to this, which Lockpick set should I buy as a beginner?

Have you ever been locked out of your and had to call out a Locksmith, only for them to come and open your door in a few short minutes? You may at one point have thought to yourself ‘why spend so much money for someone to come around and do something that looks easy?’... Well you’re right, it is easy but as with everything practice makes perfect and compared to other hobbies it’s very cheap and rewarding. As a new beginner into this exciting world of Lockpicking, you don’t need to outlay too much money. Pick My Lock recommends that beginners purchase our Kickstarter Plus Kit This pack is our #1 Seller to beginners and has everything you need to get the job done. As you get the feel for Lockpicking and want to start tackling some more challenging locks, you can always expand your sets.

Can I pick my front door if I’m locked out?

Of course! The only time you cannot use our pick sets are when you use it on property that you don’t own or do not have permission to access.